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Breeders of Exotic Birds
We are breeding a number of exotic birds at this time and with more coming to our flock soon.
Right now we have:
English Budgies,
Indian Ringnecks (green, blue,cinnamon,lution,and albino)
Budgies (all colors).
Sun Conures.
Our beautiful Alexandrines
And our newest breed is Parrotlets.
Bird Supplies
We also plan to bring you some needed bird supplies for you and your pet.
We will be adding to our site soon these products:

All natural wood Playgyms
Shoulder Smocks
Cage skirts

When these products and more become available
I will add pictures and pricing to our
web page.
All our babies are pulled from parents at 2 weeks old and are handfed with lots of love and attention. When you buy a baby from us it will be fully weaned, (unless you show us you are experienced at handfeeding). Babies will be weaned on to a pellet diet and fed lots of fruits and veggies. They will also be trained to Step Up.

Photo Page
Visit our Photo Page for more pictures of our birds and soon pictures of our supplies that will be available